Mirror Reflections - Cape Verde & Russia

Mirror Reflections – Cape Verde & Russia

I must admit I’m amazed that people from 184 countries have visited my blog. I only joked with my wife that I wanted to reach the entire world. Thanks everybody for your support. I hope you truly enjoy my blog. I always get the greatest pleasure sharing about the new places I’ve learned about. I’d never heard of Cape Verde until someone had visited my blog from there. Whoever you are I hope you…

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Microwave Ovens - Are they Safe?

Microwave Ovens – Are they Safe?


I haven’t been posting for a couple of days since I’ve been studying for my TOEFL Certification. That is until I came across this very interesting experiment done by a young girl in Sussex, England. As I reflected on it I realized it was important enough to let everyone know what’s lurking in your kitchen. When I’ve finished with my studies I will be back posting, until then I hope that…

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Russian Health Superstitions


So I went and found a blog on wordpress that talks about Russian Health Superstitions. The wet feet superstition I knew about. The frozen ovaries I had no clue. The plastic booties well any place I’ve been here that deals with healthcare enforces these rules. We even do it at our church. When it comes to milk I was a bit shocked. Didn’t know it was law, but in our home if you have a…

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Russian Folklore - The Little Round Bun

Russian Folklore – The Little Round Bun

Once upon a time there lived an old man and an old woman who were very poor and had nothing at all to their name. And they kept getting poorer and poorer till there was nothing left to eat in the house, not even bread, Said the old man:

“Do bake us a bun, old woman! If you scrape out the flour-box and sweep out the bin, you’ll have enough flour.”


So the old woman scraped out the flour-box and…

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Russian Tsars were Superstitious too!

Russian Tsars were Superstitious too!

Along with the people  Russian tzars were also a superstitious lot. They too believed in omens, dreams and signs. What is very interesting is some of the Russian tzars  even predicted their own demise.


Ivan the Terrible and a Comet

In the winter of 1584 Ivan the Terrible saw a comet in the night sky and said to his courtiers: “This is the messenger of my death.”

The tsar ordered to gather all…

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Mirror Reflections - Papua New Guinea & Russia

Mirror Reflections – Papua New Guinea & Russia

papuanewguinea-people-03-810 Life in Papua New Guinea


Every Papua New Guinea community has a traditional culture which is usually very unique to each other. We have about 840 different languages and our traditional cultures are almost the same number. These traditional cultures are part of our Melanesian way of life style that our ancestors have been living with for many years ago. In the…

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Top Ten Russian Superstitions

Top Ten Russian Superstitions


10. Whistling in the house

Every single Russian knows about this omen, even those who aren’t superstitions. Whistling in the house isn’t done (which I’ve done), according to the popular belief, it bring the wind to the home, which is believed to take away one’s wealth. Russian sailors have always avoided whistling as they believe that it could bring on storm.


9. The threshold of the house is…

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A Second Peek into my Novelette

A Second Peek into my Novelette

20 - 1

The shot rang out and echoed between the mountain peaks, the bear was not hit but frightened. The bears of the region had been wary of hunters for hundreds of years, learning to avoid them at all costs. It knew that the taiga would be its best hiding place since it was thick barely penetrable even for the bear. No sooner then the shot was heard the bear bounded off for cover. The hunter lowered…

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The Brook Farm Experiment

The Brook Farm Experiment

4 Hi!

I’ve been invited to write a guest post for my friend Steve for his fascinating WordPress site,

… and since Intentional Communities around the world is an interest of mine,

I thought I’d share some information on a particularly fascinating one —

….. that of Brook Farm, near Boston, Massachusetts, in the U.S.A.   

Thanks again to Steve for asking me to do this– I hope his readers enjoy it.

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Summer Onset Depression

Originally posted on A Quiet Week In The House:

June Depression

I am part of the less than 1% of the population affected by “reverse Seasonal Affective Disorder” or summer onset depression.  I find summer days insufferably long and empty.

Doctors can’t identify what causes reverse SAD, but theorize that heat and extended sunlight hours are likely causes.  I am a native New Mexican and veteran of months of…

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The Fool of the World and the Flying Ship

The Fool of the World and the Flying Ship

Once upon a time, there lived an old peasant and his wife. They had three sons. The two eldest were clever. The old woman loved them. She cooked them tasty dishes and laundered their clothes. The youngest, whose name was Ivan, was dirty and was considered a fool.

One day the Tsar had sent heralds to announce that he wanted a Flying ship to be built and whoever would built it would have the hand…

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Russian Anecdotes – Men and Women

Men & Women A woman is explaining the kind of man she wants at a dating service:

Russian Anecdotes – Men and Women

Men & Women A woman is explaining the kind of man she wants at a dating service:

Why do Socialist Liberals Hate Putin?

Why do Socialist Liberals Hate Putin?

Socialist and Liberals alike hate Putin because he promotes free enterprise.

“In the 20th century, the Soviet Union made the state’s role absolute. In the long run, this made the Soviet economy totally uncompetitive. This lesson cost us dearly. I am sure nobody wants to see it repeated.” – Vladimir Putin

Liberals hate Putin because


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Sunrise to Sunset - Yekaterinburg and Lansing

Sunrise to Sunset – Yekaterinburg and Lansing

P10405741-500x375Sunrise near Yekaterinburg

It never ceases to amaze me, when you start looking just how much you can find that shows just how similar each country is to the other. If there was anything that spoke any louder than that we all live under the same Sun, Moon, and Stars this would be it. Wouldn’t it be nice if the world was a peaceful as what these two pictures speak us.

Lake-Lansing-Haslett-e1395331963566Sunset over Lake Lansing…

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